My favorite style advice…

The best style advice that I have ever received is to know your personal best colors and wear them!

Have you ever noticed when wearing certain colors, you get compliments, but people are complimenting the dress or shirt and not you? The color seems to wear you, instead of you wearing the dress.

It will take a little experimenting, but when you find and wear your best personal colors, your skin glows, your eyes are bright and your hair looks great!

The color that you wear closest to your face reflects at at 45 degree angle. You want to be sure that the colors you wear make you look alive and vibrant, not sallow and dull.

For many years, I wore some of the wrong colors. My Mother was an Autumn and well, I thought what was good for my Mama was good for me too, right? Wrong.

I was wearing orange and brown; colors perfect for Fall but not for my Summer coloring. When I made a few tweaks (and gave her all of my Fall colored clothes) my whole appearance changed.

In the video below, I demonstrate the difference.

You can experiment for yourself and find your best colors, but if you need profesional help, I am here for you! I can do a Color Analysis and get you in your best colors.
Before you know it, you’ll be getting all kinds of compliments on YOU look great- not the dress. 😉

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