Color Analysis

The Color Alliance color analysis process is so much fun and so eye opening!

To analyze the hue, value, and chroma of your skin, hair, and eye color, I use color coordinates. The colors will be selected for the best overall representation of your personal coloring. The coordinate numbers are entered into the computer for the seasonal name.

I’ll then use fabric drapes in comparative colors so you can see for yourself the how magical the effect will be!

You will find your very own harmony of colors for wardrobe and makeup.

What colors make you look healthier and more vibrant? From the analysis results, a custom palette is made of 40 colors that harmonize with your coloring.

The palette comes in a small zippered case – perfect for shopping. You will apply your best makeup colors with some new techniques which complete your transformation.

Includes Color Analysis; Customized Color Palette (40 chips) Wardrobe and Cosmetic Recommendations.

In-person $125.00

Virtually $150.00