• Why Are Brows So Important?

    By Color Me University

    If you shape and fill your brows in every morning, get waxed, or threaded, you can probably agree that eyebrows are very important. Shaping and filling your brows help to better frame your face, in ways that other makeup cannot do. Whether you have naturally thin brows, thick eyebrows, or not much shape to them, simply filling them in can make a huge difference. Shaping your eyebrows can also make your face look smaller, make you look younger, and draw more attention to your eyes. Take a look at some of the celebrities who had their brows filled in, and the way it changed their faces

    How to Outline and Fill Your Brows Correctly

    No Brows: Unless this is part of your Halloween costume this year, I doubt you will want to walk around with completely shaven brows. This makes Angelina’s face look older, a little scary, and washes her face out completely. She has a great frame to her face, and it does not show when she is pictured without any eyebrows.

    Thin Brows: Thin brows can look decent if you have a hard time growing any hair there or have lighter colored hair. But if you want to draw attention to your eyes and frame your face, these will not help.

    Overdrawn Brows: It seems like a lot of people on social media love an overdrawn brow, and I can’t figure out why. It makes your face look scary and the extra brow pencil does not compliment your face well. The brows on Angelina completely take over her face. If you think your brows are over drawn, try a lighter shade eyebrow pencil!

    Follow these steps to create the perfect outline and fill for your brows:Brush the hairs on your brows up and out, with a spoolie on the pencil.Sculpture your brows with your pencil, using short strokes to line your eyebrows.Now fill in the sparse & hairless areas with brow powder.Brush your eyebrow hairs back down in placeRepeat Steps 2 & 3Finally brush your hairs back up and in place with brow fixBrows Are Shaped & Filled!
  • Are You Wearing the Right Color?

    When you wear the right clothing and makeup colors, your complexion looks radiant. Dark shadows under your eyes and nose seem to disappear. You look more rested and healthy.

    Wearing the right makeup and clothing colors flatter your features and coloring, INSTEAD of competing with them.

    It takes less than 4 seconds to make a first impression. 4!

    Color is one of the most important impression markers.

    The right colors WILL enhance your appearance!

    Check out the images below.

    The first client has Summer coloring. The Autumn coloring clashes with her delicate features, but notice how luminous she looks with the cool Summer pink color. Her eyes, skin and hair all harmonize and she looks healthier.

    Images from Color Me Beautiful

    This lovely client has Winter coloring. When she is paired with warm shades, she doesn’t appear to glow, but with the cool Winter pink color, her skin tone evens out and she even appears more youthful!

    Images from Color Me Beautiful

    If you’ve ever thought of having your colors analyzed by a trained Color Me Beautiful Color Consultant, I would love to help you!

    Send me and email or give me a call.

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  • How to Style a Simple Dress

    This green dress is one of my favorites and I love how versatile it is.

    If I put on pretty earrings, heels and fix my hair- it looks great for a night out with my husband.

    But paired with a cute denim jacket, sneakers and hair pulled up, I have a completely different look that is just right for running errands.

    I promised myself not to buy any new clothes this year, so I have to be creative and repurpose my clothing for different occasions. These are just two of the looks I came up with.

    When it was colder, I also wore leggings and a cream-colored turtle neck. (should have made a picture, but I didn’t).

    What about you? Do you like the creativity that a minimalist wardrobe forces on you? Or do you prefer to have a closet full of all of the clothes?

    Let me know in the comments.

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  • How to Take the Best Photos for a Virtual Color Analysis

    Back before Covid was relevant, I did many color analyses for my clients, virtually. It is super convenient and easy to do, especially if you live far away.

    Seeing my clients in person is my favorite way to do an analysis, but doing one virtually can be just as fun!

    There are several requirements to getting a virtual analysis just right, but the most important are good, sharp and well lit photographs.

    Below are two examples. The photo on top is the kind of photo I need. You can clearly see my skin, hair, and eye colors. With this representation, another consultant could easily do my colors virtually.

    Now take a look at the second photo. The colors all seem to melt together and there is not a clear difference in the skin, hair and eys.

    This would not be a suitable photo to do a color analysis with.

    So, how did I achieve these two, very different looks?
    With the first photo, I stood facing a large window with daylight coming in and snapped the photo.

    The second photo, my back is to the window and I am facing a wall.

    If you choose do do a virtual analysis with me, I may ask for you to take the photos several times, so that we can get it just right.
    It may seem tedious, but remember you are paying for a service and my goal is to give you the best service (and color analysis) possible.

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  • Want to feel better every day? Start by Getting dressed!

    For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.

    This is one of my favorite Bible verses and I think of it often when my head is not in the right place.

    When we unpack the verse it shows a person who is saying one thing with their mouth—but their heart is in a completely different place. The thoughts and inclinations of the heart shape the reality of who you are. They shape your thinking which will ultimately shape your actions.

    What does a bible verse have in common with style? Well, a lot actually.

    I learned many years ago that I could ‘make’ my heart feel better by the simple act of getting up, brushing my teeth and hair, and putting on a fresh outfit, all the way to the shoes.

    There were days that I felt weary from raising and homeschooling three children and just wanted to slip out of bed and do school in my pajamas. When I did that, it set the tone for the rest of the day. A smelly, unkempt, disorderly tone.

    Our entire schedule was disheveled – just like my appearance.

    But, I found that if I made just an extra bit of effort and got up and dressed and went downstairs to greet the day (like it was my job) the day flowed much better and everyone was happier.

    Why? Because my heart was happier and that radiates out to EVERYTHING!,

    Yesterday felt off. It was one of those rainy, muggy, summertime is over feeling days and mentally, I didn’t feel so great.

    I didn’t want to put on my good clothes; I wanted to wallow on my unmade bed in my nightclothes, but there was work to be done, and I needed a positive attitude and a happy spirit to do it well, so I got up and got dressed.
    My mood lifted when I got up and got dressed down to my shoes! Even if you are not going anywhere, putting on your shoes makes you feel like something exciting is about to happen!

    Clothing from Nordstrom -Wide Leg Crop Pants by Halogen in Green, Ruffle Trim Top by Calson in Yellow. Shoes- Marc Fisher LTD Alida Espadrille Platform Wedge.

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