How to take a Photo for a Virtual Color Analysis

Before Covid was relevant, I did many color analyses for my clients, virtually. It is super convenient and easy to do, especially if you live far away.

Seeing my clients in person is my favorite way to do an analysis, but doing one virtually can be just as fun!

There are several requirements to getting a virtual analysis just right, but the most important are good, sharp and well-lit photographs.

Below are two examples. The photo on top is the kind of photo I need. You can clearly see my skin, hair, and eye colors. With this representation, another consultant could easily do my colors virtually.

Now take a look at the second photo. The colors all seem to melt together and there is not a clear difference in the skin, hair, and eyes.

This would not be a suitable photo to do a color analysis with.

So, how did I achieve these two, very different looks?
With the first photo, I stood facing a large window with daylight coming in and snapped the photo.

In the second photo, my back is to the window and I am facing a wall.

If you choose to do a virtual analysis with me, I may ask for you to take the photos several times, so that we can get it just right.
It may seem tedious, but remember you are paying for a service and my goal is to give you the best service (and color analysis) possible.

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