Are You Wearing the Right Color?

When you wear the right clothing and makeup colors, your complexion looks radiant. Dark shadows under your eyes and nose seem to disappear. You look more rested and healthy.

Wearing the right makeup and clothing colors flatter your features and coloring, INSTEAD of competing with them.

It takes less than 4 seconds to make a first impression. 4!

Color is one of the most important impression markers.

The right colors WILL enhance your appearance!

Check out the images below.

The first client has Summer coloring. The Autumn coloring clashes with her delicate features, but notice how luminous she looks with the cool Summer pink color. Her eyes, skin and hair all harmonize and she looks healthier.

Images from Color Me Beautiful

This lovely client has Winter coloring. When she is paired with warm shades, she doesn’t appear to glow, but with the cool Winter pink color, her skin tone evens out and she even appears more youthful!

Images from Color Me Beautiful

If you’ve ever thought of having your colors analyzed by a trained Color Me Beautiful Color Consultant, I would love to help you!

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