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Items foraged from the yard make beautiful floral arrangements!

My grandmother was a wiz at making beautiful flower arrangements.  She would forage for items in her yard (sometimes the neighbor’s yard) and effortlessly make a vase of branches and weeds look like something that came from a high-end florist.  People loved receiving one of Clara’s arrangements!

Here in North Carolina, there are quite a few trees and flowers in bloom right now so I braved the rain yesterday and went outside to forage for some cuttings to make a centerpiece for our kitchen table – just like my grandmother used to make.

We have two Crimson Barberry bushes growing out front so I gathered a bunch of that to use as filler.  I love that the branches are green and crimson and the prettiest pink flower blooms on the backs of the bush.  The daffodils are blooming so I gathered up a handful of those along with some monkey grass and English ivy.

I started by filling a large Ball jar with water and added my filler, which in this case was the Barberry. When you add branches to a vase, be sure to strip the lower parts of the branch or flowers so that no leaves are down in the water.  Leaves will make your water stinky faster.

After all of the filler was placed, I then added in my showpieces, which in this case were the daffodils.  I cut them to various heights, placed in monkey grass and lastly added the ivy.  Ivy will live for a good while without water so I make a pretty ring of it by tying it together and placed the arrangement in the center of it.  A ribbon tied around the jar completed the look and in 15 minutes, I had a pretty, free and easy centerpiece to brighten up the kitchen table.

You can watch the video below to see the process and the finished product.

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