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You know all of those books you have around the house?  Yeah, the ones you rarely read.  Well, don’t just let them sit on your shelves taking up space and collecting dust, use those babies for home decorating!

I love using books to give height, add interest and maybe spark conversations around my home décor.  We are voracious readers, and I have quite a collection of books.  My favorite ones to use are antique books because they add an extra element of style and they are pretty to look at.

This coffee table is low, and I wanted to add a bit of height to it.  I used several large books that I purchased at a used book store and added the flowers on top.  It looks pretty, and my flower book is handy in case I need to use it as a reference for my garden or drawing.

I found a vintage Sears catalog at an Antique store years ago, and I love looking at it.  The trouble was, it is hard to store vertically because of its age, so I used it to bump up the height of a lamp in or living room.  Now it is out in the open for people to enjoy it if they want to ever get a glimpse at life in the 1920s.

This vintage lamp in my living room was a bit too small to use next to my sofa. I love it though and wanted to use it in that room. I used a couple of books to increase the height and now it works much better.

One of the prettiest wedding centerpieces that I’ve ever seen were made by using small, vintage books and vases of flowers. The bride (my cousin, Bethany) loves to read and that small touch was beautiful and made the reception much more personal.

What about you? Do you use books as decoration? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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