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Sandwiching a Quilt

There is nothing like a handmade quilt. Especially if it was made just for you! My great grandmother was a beautiful quilter and made quilts for almost everyone in our family.

We are lucky to still have several of the quilts she made for us and even though we don’t use them anymore, they hang on the wall in my living room as a display of her art.

I learned to quilt several years ago from watching an old TV show on PBS called Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel. I also bought a book, with the same title.

My first two quilts were a little funny looking, but with continued work, I’ve managed to make some pretty covers for my family.

There are several different parts to making a quilt.

  1. Piecing the top.
  2. Sandwiching the layers (top, middle batting, bottom)
  3. Quilting it all together.

Since finding a long arm quilter who in my area who does the quilting part for me, I can now just concentrate on piecing the top and letting him do the rest.

Below is a video of my daughter and me, putting the quilt together to prepare it to take to the long arm quilter. We used wool batting that came from a little sheep that we raised.

Do you quilt or have you ever wanted to? It is so rewarding to make something so useful with your own hands. If it seems intimidating, start small. The fist three I made were simple baby quilts for my children. Once you gain confidence with the smaller items, you can go for the larger, more complex patterns.

I’d love to hear your quilting story.

Thanks for stopping by.


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